Additional Production of the Key Case 2018.8.13 |  English  | 

  Today, we will see how the production in the atelier goes.

  The crafts people were making one of our popular item, key case “Bell”. This is actually getting more popular than before, our stock have been low every time even if make it additionally.

key case “Bell”

key case “Bell S”

  We have two sizes, the regular one which you can even put your car key (something like keyless entry) together with a normal key. And a smaller one, for 3 to 5 normal keys which the compact size is the secret of popularity. 

    Our crafts people split their to proceed each work more efficiently.

    And some machines what we adopted like the picture below, using the “Roll Coaster”, a gluing machine  will keep the products quality high and can make it more speedy.

  Producing with another staff by teamwork, to make things more efficiently with a machine. We are always updating our techniques and hospitality for our customers whom want our product quickly, or to be able to buy our items whenever they want.

 If you are interested in this item, please feel free to contact us for more information.