A Fateful Encouter with Munekawa Item 2018.8.17 |  English  | 

  There was a famous firework festival held in Yodogawa river the other day in Osaka.

  It’s the largest firework event in Osaka, and also was the 30th anniversary and many people were excited about it.

  We’ve been introducing the leather item as a recommendation for using in summer, our coin case “C&C”.
And today we’d like to recommend our basic product lineup, canvas and leather tote bag “Airy Tote”.

  Actually we’ve been introducing about this tote bag many times at Instagram and the past post of this blog. There’re some fans of this item, many customers repeat buying with the different colors (Navy and Beige).

  The main body part is made from light canvas, so of course its lightness and toughness are guaranteed.

  We have Navy and Beige for the colors, and both of them fits with casual styles. The light texture of the canvas shows its cleanness and familiarity.

  For the handle part we use Italian vegetable tanned leather, and brass for the metal part. It has a chic impression entirely, what you can’t see only from the canvas material.

  We also have this tote bag with full leather. It looks more tightened and elegant than the canvas leather tote bag.

  It seems like it’s difficult choosing a bag for a summer. In Japan, many people goes to a summer festival or firework event, and will be very crowded. But these bags are compact and have enough space to put your belongings inside without getting heavy.

  A wonderful event. A wonderful meeting with someone.
We hope everyone will have a wonderful and excellent experience this summer.
Have a nice day!
About the process of making this item,

‘Airy Tote’ A bag with Canvas and leather