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We haven’t been updating our blog for a while, but we’ll restart it from now on. We’ll be glad if you check our posts.
This year, many typhoons hit and caused disaster in Japan. Many people might have been worried about their lives, or some of you who were traveling in Japan might have been thrown off their schedule. We all hope everyone will get back in their ordinary days soon.
The month has changed to September, and sometimes comfortable wind blows in the streets. Some weather forecast say that it might be more cooler after the typhoon has passed.
We can feel the autumn arrives soon.
“Autumm is a good time to buy a new wallet/purse”
Have you ever heard about this? Autumn is the time to bear fruit what people had planted in spring, like the rice plant. In Japan, it is often said that this season is not only plants, but also your personal things such as job, effort and dream to bear fruit. That is why it’s very auspicious time to have a new wallet or purse for your own.
If some of you are thinking of buying a new wallet, it might be a good opportunity to find your ideal one before starting something new.
Thickness: importance when selecting a wallet
When you buy a wallet, which detail do you check? Our wallets have many original features or functions and what we are particular with, but all of our products have a common characteristics. That is, to be thin and compact.
Many people might feel stressed when they have a lot of receipts or coins which make their wallets thick and fat. When you try to take out from your pocket but it stuck inside, you can’t take out directly. When it bothers your outline of jackets or anything what you’re wearing on. These inconvenient situations are very stressful. To solve theses inconveniences in our daily life, we came to realize to make it extremely thin.
When we ask our customers what kind of wallet they are looking for, we often hear: “Looking for a thin wallet, anyhow” or “Want to have a wallet and a coin purse separately”.
Nowadays, there are more places where you can pay with digital currencies which simply means cashless, this lifestyle is spreading more wider than before. What has been demanded, have been appearing in its shape.
What you use everyday, must be slim to get rid  of stress.
This time we will introduce two different items which were produced to emphasize the thinness.
I hope this would help you.
Specialized in thinness: Minimum long wallet ” Divide”
This minimum long wallet “Divide” which is extremely thin even in Munekawa’s lineup, is what we want to recommend for those who want to keep their belongings compact and minimum. The feature is to be designed to cut off the extras thoroughly.
Just 4mm for the thinness. You might even forget if you actually have this wallet when you put it in your jacket. This is how thin it is.
At a wedding party or somewhere you need to wear a formal outfit, this is also recommended for women because it can be easily put in a handbag.
Of course, it’s not just only thin. It has three card slots outside, and two different-sized card slip pockets inside.
In this picture we put ten 1000JPY, one 10000JPY,  three cards outside plus one inside and five buisnness cards also inside. It swells out a little bit, but still keeps its thinness.
(note: 1000JPY  76mm*150mm, 10000JPY  76mm*154mm)
Bi-fold wallet without being bulky: Minimum wallet “Reduce”
This one is a bi-fold type, minimum wallet “Reduce”.  As the name of Reduce, it was produced with the concept of “simple” and “compact”. We came to this design by chipping off unnecessary function or decoration. Some of our customers are surprised at this design, and actually choose this item although it was not the wallet what they were looking for.
Main compartment for the bills, and six card pockets in each side. The design is very simple, but firmly has the function what you need in a wallet.
It’s made of Italian vegetable tanned genuine leather, which has high-density fiber. When you first use this, it has some firmness in the leather like the right one. Over time, after the firmness gets calm the  leather will be much more softer like the left one.  After you use for a long time, you can use more slim.
Like the one before, we put ten 1000JPY, one 10000 JPY, and six cards(one in each pocket) . You can put enough inside while it keeps compact. 
Simple function and extreme slimness.
The process of paying will be much more refined.
Recommended to these people
How did you like it? We’d like to recommend these items to the people below.

・Payments are mainly cards or digital currency.

・Don’t bring much coins or want to have coins and bills separately.

・Bring belongings as compact and simple as possible.

Of course, Munekawa products aren’t always specialized for cashless society. We know there are many people who likes to carry both coins and bills in one, and there’s some items we can recommend for those.
Lifestyles and values are diversified now, and we know there are the numbers differed in “the shapes of usefulness”.
First, do tell us your ideal design or shape. We’re going to be the brand to live up to your expectations.  We hope everyone can find a perfect item in your lifestyle.
What we introduced today