Just for you – limited edition tote bag 2018.9.11 |  English  | 

It’s been changing to a nice weather to go out as autumn approaches.
Maybe it’s about time to think about fashion through autumn to winter, isn’t it?
Autumn fashion goes well with leathers. But we often hear that people think leather bags are heavy and also needed to be cared, so they’re unwilling to take even if they’d like it.
And this time, we made a new leather bag to solve that problem.
We made four different bags with embossed leather and smooth leather, Brown&Brown / Black&Black / Blue&Brown / Yellow&Brown.
Simple shape and these colors will be helpful in any situations.
Black&Black: Refined and chic, for business use
Black&Black has an impression of chic and decent. Easily match with monotone fashion, and would come in handy even in business situations with this chic tote bag.
Hold a meeting outside of the office, and then have some wonderful dinner with a neat dress. It’ll suit naturally in these two different situations.
Brown&Brown: Warmth and gentleness, for natural style fashion
This warm color is for women who likes natural styling in fashion. With a plaid or patterned coat, with a dress, it fits very casually. Plus, it gives you a little bit of modesty.
You can use for both formal and casual. Not being too much tight and also loose neither. You can make a perfect schedule, like going out for shopping or for dinner after finishing work with the same outfit what you’re wearing on. And no need to worry about a sudden call from your friends!
Blue&Black: Fresh + casual, an accent color for monotone style
If you tend to choose a simple shape or color for everyday wear, blue would be the acceent to change the whole impression. If you’d like to differentiate from your ordinary outfit, this would be the one.
You can feel how leather has grace inside comfortableness, from the color of blue. An optimal item for a kitty party or casual party. Though this bag is casual, it would also match a chic outfit.
Yellow&Brown: Best choice for a short trip, brings you cheer
With a bright color, it gives you an impression of elegance to your whole outfit. Bring this when go on a short trip or when going out for a while, it’ll liven you up.
You might probably think a bit difficult to use yellow in your clothes, but it actually is a good combination with jeans, which means it’s good for daily use. It brings you expansive and feminie brightness in your daily life.
Functionality and usability to last long in your daily life
To enjoy our leather bag more often, we considered about usabilities.
The embossed leather for the body part, we made it thin not to be too much massive. But made to stand by itself by putting a stiff core material by attaching inside to the leather.
For the opening and the handle part, we used a solid Italian vegetable-tanned leather in order to be tough to carry lots of things. Also, this leather helps integrate the overall impression into the elegant atmosphere. 
While considering the lightness, we payed attention to the capacity as well to carry necessary things and others.
A bag just for you, made for a limited number
These limited edition of full leather tote bags are only two for each color (total eight), and we won’t make it additionally.
Unavailable in other shops, we hope one of them would be your only and special bag.
If you need more information about this bag, please feel free to send us an email.