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When focused on usability, the designs will be simple.

When it occurred to you that something in your life is user friendly and want to tell your friends that the item is very nice, we think those would be one of your precious items.

We’d like many people to have such feeling toward Munekawa regardless of age, gender and even countries, so we’re making our products by trial and error.


Key case Bell

When we focused on a usable shape or product, the figure will be very simple. Key case Bell is our standard item what we focused on how useful it would be, and manufactured by trial many times.


 The simple design and our standard colors(black, blue, green, greige and red) can be used by either men or women.


Keeps various keys in one

The keys for your car, house, office. When you have different shapes of keys, it’s quite difficult to put all together in one. But just because you can’t put all in one and put it inside your bag carelessly, you can’t find easily when you want to use. This Bell let you to put many and various keys all in just one.

 Many of our Munekawa staffs like this item and actually feel how useful it is. We have two different sizes, the green one in the front is the regular size, the blue in the middle and the black in the back is the small size. As you can see from the picture above, it contains a lot of keys inside.

 Like the keys for cars, you can even put big keys. Especially there’re many shapes of keys these days, but the good thing is, it’s able to fit in with most of the sizes. (Sometimes the keys comes out a bit depending on the size or the shape of the key)


For the normal keys, the regular Bell can put about ten to fifteen, and the small Bell can put about three to five. Vegetable-tanned Italian leathers will be more soft little by little, therefore it’ll change to a perfect shape as you keep on using.


How to use


 Easy and simple. There’s a button on the back side, you can take out or put in the keys by closing/opening this button.

 When you open the button, the keys will come out by its own weight. By pulling the strap, it goes inside and keep it compact.


Two metal parts: can be used separately

There’s two different metal parts which you can put your keys separately depending on how you use it. Here you can see our ideas how it would be used in many situations.

The hook is for the keys which you want take off when using. We recommend using separately either for the keys which you don’t take off and use directly, and the keys which you take off only when using.


 The hook would be useful not only when you put the key to take off, but also when you’re sharing the key with someone, so that you can pass it easily.


A reason for symmetry

Key cases are taken its shape as tri-fold or with zippers generally, most of them are made for the right-handed person. If you’re left-handed and when you use those key case unconsciously, the key case will be upside down.

 On the other hand, Bell is designed to be symmetry.

 Because it has a symmetry shape, the usability won’t change whether right or left handed, and can use your keys only by opening/closing the button. There’d be nothing wrong which hand you use or which gender you are, therefore, many people choose this for theirselves or for a gift.


Recommended to these people

・Those who have many keys and want to keep it together including car keys.

・Those who have many belongings, tend to put many things inside their bag.

・Those who are left handed and when using something for right handed, being a little bit careful.

 Keys are what you use everyday unconsciously, thus the key cases are important to be used without interruption. The true usefulness can be seen by subtracting the functions. You can feel how simple it works with our key case Bell.


What we introduced today

Key case Bell (normal size)

Key case Bell (small size)