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What kind of Business card case do you use?

A business card case: the item necessary in business. A lot of people might use it as necessities in their daily life.

 What are your criteria for selecting a business card case?


The importance of manners for exchanging business cards

When you exchange your business card with someone, manners are very important. It’s not just a greeting or introducing yourself, but how you behave like a matured person will be needed in that situation. Especially in business, manners influences greatly in your impression.

 Muenkawa’s business card case “Through” has its biggest feature in specializing the creation of beautiful behavior in business situations. We’ll introduce the idea of this product’s design, not just a case for putting your cards inside, but also to be able to show the motion of exchanging your cards fluently.


Design produces the motion

 You’ll give a favorable impression if you could exchange your card speedy at a business situation.

 The secret of what makes the motion fluent is, a “pocket flap” which is made separately from the main pocket.

 When exchanging, it’s a manner to face your card to whom you are giving. But if someone isn’t used to it, might take time to pass your card. By putting three to five cards in this pocket flap in advance, you can exchange your card fluently.

There’s a slanted cut in the pocket flap to catch the cards directly, which makes you easy to take out. This idea of the design brings you comfortableness when using.

 It’s also a good manner to keep your name cards clean. By using a firm cow leather for the lining, it prevents your cards from getting smudged or folded.

 You can put about fifty cards in the main pocket, and there’s a sub-pocket for the cards you received from other people. It’ll be useful to put those here temporarily.


Various way to use

With its three pockets, it can be used more than a business card case depending on your ideas.

 It’ll be useful putting some cards, e.g. an admission card or an IC card like this. Because this item is compact compared to a wallet, you can take out quickly at a moment which would be very helpful.

On the other hand, a pocket flap will be useful to put something you need to take out when using, like a magnetic card. It was originally designed to take out your name card fluently, but having versatility of using in wide situations, you can still feel how useful it is.


Chic design and the texture of leathers

The simple design and the great depth of Italian leather will match with formal styles. 

 After you use for a long time, this vegetable-tanned leather will change its color and the texture, just like the annual ring that shows the passage of time. And it will be your precious item which proves you’ve been playing a successful active role in business for a long time.


The lead is those who use

How did you like it? We recommend our business card case to these people.

・Those who want to exchange their name cards fluently.

・For a business person who have many chances to exchange their name cards.

・Those who have many cards like IC cards and admission cards.

・And for those who want to have it separately, with a spare card case.


Simple design but also having a certain usability. The lead is your lifestyle but not the item itself. Our item can be used widely by the person who uses. We’d like to propose how widely you can use our products through this blog.


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