Munekawa staff’s favorite item #1–money clip wallet “Carriage” 2018.09.22 |  English  | 

With the concept of “creation which you can be attached to the item”, our production staff works every day to create products which you can get accustomed as you use.

You can feel our ideas and thoughts toward the products when you actually use them.

And the same thing can be said to our crafts people. Using the items what they made by themselves will be their pleasure and learning to earn experiments.

A web coordinator of Munekawa’s staff, Iwahashi is going to interview our production staff and ask about the item they’re using, what they like about it and some stories about creating it.


Representative of Munekawa, Munekawa Yoshihiro’s favorite item

 The first interview is with our representative, Munekawa’s favorite item. From establishment of the brand, he had made many products until today. We will ask him which item he likes to use.


Money clip wallet “Carriage”

Iwahashi (hereinafter referred to as “I”)Why did you make this item?

Munekawa (hereinafter referred to as “M”)I started making it from a request of some customers, that they wanted a small wallet which can also put cards together. I got a good chance then, because I also thought it would be great if there was those kind of wallet.

At first, I didn’t think to put many cards inside but as I continued improving it, the numbers of capacity got bigger. Now you can put about fifteen cards inside.

I: What is the biggest attraction of this wallet?

M: Its attraction is, it has a functionality to handle it beautifully, which you can take out the bill easily. As you can see, the flap where you can keep the bill isn’t asymmetry and one side is streamlined.

 M: By making this way, you can put and take out the bill very easily without getting it folded and also I was able to show my gestures beautifully.

 M: I made the flap symmetry at the fist model, but when I went to Italy, I noticed that the Euro bills was smaller than Japan’s and it fell out from my wallet. (Euro’s smallest bill is 62*120 mm) While considering how to solve these problems, I reached to make the asymmetry flap model.


 I: I can see you’re getting some hints from your own experiments.

 M: That’s true. This is what I can say to all of our products, the parts where has burden like where you open and close, or where it’s bended, we do triple stitching to increase the strength.  I’ve noticed this when seeing other people’s wallets and were damaged from those parts. In these daily experiments, I get some hints for creating from hopes to make things better.


I: How long have you been using it?

M: I’m using this for nearly two years. This is my fourth, and I’m using two to four years each while improving it, so it’ll be ten years totally for this model. When you compare to the one I’m using now and the new one, you can see how different atmospheres that both have.

M: I use a Belgium leather for the internal. When I first touched it, I knew it was a great leather so I’ve decided to use this.


I: Any other recommendations for this Carriage?

M: The structure is very simple, but there’s various ways to use depending on your ideas.

 M: I get some requests of making a partition to separate small and big bills, or to separate bills and receipts. Carriage has only one place to put those, but you can separate it by using the bills itself, and organize the small money here and the large money there.

There’s a button for the closure, so even if you put many bills or cards temporarily, you can still keep it compact to some extent. I’m sure it’ll suit to people who has coin purse and the wallet separately.


I: Is there anything else you think it’s important in creating, like you talked about the triple stitching before?

 M: You can see the back side of the button behind the flap, and I’m not hiding it on purpose. Metal parts get degraded with age, whatever the qualities are. And it would be needed to repair someday. We can repair it quickly without undoing the stitching when replacing it.

One wallet for one people, most of the time, so we want to repair quickly and give it back to the owner as soon as possible to shorten the time of feeling inconvenient.


I: Finally, who do you want to recommend this Carriage? Do you have any recommendation in using?

 M: We have other slim wallets in Munekawa, but this Carriage has a button to close so even if you put a lot temporarily, you can close it firmly. You can use it casually although showing the gesture of taking out the bills beautifully. These unique design are the attraction of this item.

Also Carriage was made with our coin purse “Undo” around the same time, to have coins and bills separately, so I hope it would be used together. When eating outside, or at cafe, put these two on the table and you can see it will be picturesque. I hope you’ll enjoy this cool and modest items.


What we introduced today

Money clip wallet “Carriage”

Coin purse “Undo”

(note: Each items above has two different models. One is undyed type for the internal, another one has the same color for both internal and external, if you are interested in either model, please give us a message. Thank you!)