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Autumn is known for a popular wedding season. Some of you might have a schedule to attend the wedding ceremony. We value politeness and manners at any auspicious events in Japan, including wedding ceremony. Today we’ll introduce an item that’ll match perfectly at those celebration events.


Envelope wallet “Encase”

Encase is a wallet which we want to be used to encase everything inside, just like the name.

While it’s made of Italian leather, you can feel some sort of “Japanese cultural concept” from the design. Of course it’ll suit with western clothing, but also suit naturally with Japanese traditional clothing with refinement.

You might be surprised when you read about our culture, but when we go to a wedding ceremony or a funeral, we give money to the bride and groom or to the family. And at these situations, we don’t take out the money right from the wallet. We think it’s more polite to prepare by wrapping the money in a cloth called “fukusa” in Japanese. Similar to this, our wallet Encase shows the politeness when handling money. This is why I wrote the design has the “Japanese cultural concept”.

You can put it in a small bag or even inside your inner pocket of a jacket, without disturbing the silhouette because of its thinness. 


Beautiful gesture by sliding the bill

The biggest function of this Encase is that, you can easily take out your bills one by one.

It is designed to be taken out your bills by pushing out with your thumb one by one, and this method will be very handy when paying something. For example in winter, have you experienced that you feel difficult to take out the bills because of your dried fingers?

Encase makes you easy to take out your bills one by one. You might be able to reduce some little stress from what you feel in your daily life.

We’ve made it by adjusting the length slightly to let you put your finger easily. Munekawa’s original shape achieves both portability and usability.


Simple structure for organizing inside

It is made to be thin but the internal has plenty of space to put in. You can put up to about 30 bills. In the picture above, there’s nine small bills and one large inside. It won’t swell out and use stylish with this much of amount.


You can put totally six cards in a card slot of two rows by three lines. In the picture above, we put five cards and each comes in the same height.

We recommend to put cash cards and credit cards in the front row which you might use frequently, and something which has your personal information like your ID card or drivers license on the back row, that way it won’t be seen by others and keeps safe when you open it.

There’s another space behind the card slot. For people who wants to manage large and small bills separately, this compartment will be useful to manage your money inside your wallet.

This compartment has enough depth, you can use it in various ways like putting a passport. 

You can put receipts quite a lot, therefor it’ll be useful to keep it temporarily. Also recommended for those who manages their receipts precisely. I’m sure it’ll be handy in both formal and daily situations.


Choices from two different materials 

A new model of Encase with embossed leather has been added to our lineup recently. 


It has the same function with the usual Encase, but the difference is made of Italian embossed leather finished with chrome-tanned.

The usual one uses vegetable-tanned cow leather which is natural-derived, you can enjoy how it’ll change by aging and the individuality that are different each. On the other hand, the chrome-tanned leather can’t be seen a strong difference by aging. But it prevents from scratches and keeps it beautiful.

There’re four colors: yellow, brown, black and blue. Even if it’s the same color, the impression are different when the material changes. The yellow one is popular for the embossed leather.

For those who want to enjoy the beautiful aging, we recommend the vegetable-tanned model. And for those who want to enjoy leathers more freely, we recommend the embossed leather model.


Beautiful gestures and handiness.

How did you like it? This envelope wallet Encase was made to emphasize not only on the beautiful shape but also the beauty of use.


Recommended to these people


・Those who want to have coins and bills separately.

・Those who are retaining their receipts precisely.

・Those who have many chances to attend a formal event, like a party or a ceremony. 

・Those who wears Japanese style traditional clothing frequently. 


You can actually feel its handiness if you use it.

Encase has been selected as “made in Osaka” brand admitted products for its design, functionality, and our thoughts through this item. Also, it won a gold prize from “Omotenashi  Selection” which admits the products and services with full of hospitality at 2017.

The design of Encase which makes “gestures beautiful” was born by imaging the steps many times, from the beginning to the end of taking out the wallet, finishing paying and putting it away. Handiness makes it possible to show your gestures beautiful, just like the sleekly motion.

We will make efforts to be felt precious from Munekawa items including Encase.


What we introduces today

Note: Both the usual and the embossed leather model hasn’t been ready at online store. If you are considering for purchasing this model, please send us an email or visit our retail store when you have a chance to come nearby. Thank you.