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Do you have any favorite items you’re using for a long time? But whatever you’re using for a long time, will need to be repaired in some parts, someday. And if something is broken, the more it was your favorite, the longer you’d want to use by repairing it.
Wouldn’t life be wonderful with something you feel precious?

Coin purse Undo/Undo 2
coin purse Undo 2 (same color inside and outside)


The most popular item in Munekawa is the coin purse Undo series.

coin purse Undo (colored outside only)


Simple coin purse without anything unnecessary. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable from the design, therefore you can feel the attraction about the leather directly.

Because it’s thin and simple, it’ll develop a patina beautifully by aging which each will have its own characteristic. This coin case has been a familiar item for us, but when we ask our customers to see it, we find new discoveries and be impressed every time.

You can see a round hole when you open the coin purse, and this works as an opening for putting in and taking out the coins.

By hooking your finger on the hole and open like the picture above, you can catch the coins as a saucer and take out or check how much you have inside.
This is our originality, a little bit different from how you use in other standard coin purse. You can handle it very naturally if you get use to it.

There’s another pocket in this coin purse. You can use it as a multi-pocket for putting a bill by folding it small. This will do when you’re going out for a quick shopping.

Changes that are prospectively set

The unused Undo looks like this. Some customers ask us “Does the coins really fit in?” When you see the picture, indeed you might be worried about that.

But don’t worry, the coins won’t come out when you stop the flow by folding the coin purse.

This is the Undo 2 which one of our staff is using. The thinness remarkably appears as you use. The firmness will calm down, and the use will be stable after a week from starting using it.
Although it’ll be bulky if you put too much inside, it depends on the coin but thirty to forty coins will do fine.

The red one on the right has thirty coins and the blue one on the left has ten inside. How much coins do people have will depend on them. The leather will change its shape by how they use in their lifestyle.

The 3 recommended combinations
The coin purse Undo series are the best items to use something with. By combining the functions each item has, you can use these items more widely.

We recommend to use with the money clip wallet Carriage. Bills and cards in the Carriage, coins in the Undo. You can bring your necessary things casually and even compact.
It looks wonderful when you have it with different colors. We’ve gathered some colors like brown, green and orange which reminds you of autumn. It’ll suit nicely with autumn fashion.

Another recommendation with a breast wallet, envelope wallet Encase. The combination of a compact coin purse and a thin wallet, are exactly for people who put their wallet inside a bag or inner pocket.

The combination with the minimum wallet Reduce which we are particular with the extreme thinness, is for people who wants to put their belongings all together compact, from business to personal.

You might have experienced a situation which you need some coins promptly. And when you want to take out easily, would be from your pocket of your trousers.

It won’t bother your clothes silhouette and keep a light impression by the thinness and compactness of Undo.

Coin purses has the majority for men, but you can use it more casual and stylish by using red as an effect color.
Selecting some playful colors which you might not select often, would be something fun.

Recommended to these people
・For people who wants to have coins and bills separately
・For people who wants to put coins inside their trouser pocket
・For people who wears clothes tightly

Changes that are prospectively set, the leathers that changes by how people would use and the aging. This item’s attraction is that the shape changes to each user. We have some customers who uses this item for a long time, we’re very happy whenever we see the unique aging they’ve made.
We look forward to seeing how everyone’s Undo will change deeply and become your precious item.


What we introduced today

Coin purse <Undo> series