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What kind of books do you usually read? There might be sometimes you want to keep reading when you have a book you’re into, or at a short time even when you’re on train or bus.

When bringing your books outside, you might want to put a book jacket to keep it clean because that book might be something special for you.

But when you say the single word “Book”, there’re many kinds of sizes and thickness.  Speaking of novel, there’re differences between the first and the second volume, so it’s difficult to find a wide range of book jacket, isn’t it?


Book jacket “Dress”

On a train during commuting or at a cafe, Dress is something we wanted to make the time for reading one step more high quality even though you’re in the noises of the cities.


Munekawa Original function: thickness adjustment

The biggest characteristic is that you can adjust to the thickness depending on the books.

It’s made of two pieces, you can adjust it by changing how much length you put in. It won’t be affected by whether you’re reading heavy or light one, we honestly recommend to a book person.


We gathered our favorite books

Selecting a book jacket’s color by the images the books has, would be some fun to enjoy yourself each day. Just like selecting what to wear for the day, Dress matches with various thickness.

Munekawa staffs read many books too. We’ve brought our own books and chose the color we think it’ll match with.


Iwamoto, craftsperson’s favorite book


Iwamoto: My favorite book is “Doko kano Jiken” written by Shinichi Hoshi.  He’s famous for the short story genre and his collections of short stories “Short Short”. This is one of his novels which he has written many interesting stories very short. There’re SF and some mysterious stories inside, the shortest one is written in two pages.

 I think people who even don’t read books often can enjoy this.

I’ve chose the blue Dress for this book. You can enjoy this short novel very easily when you’re moving around on a train or a bus, I thought it would match with the casualness of blue.


Tanaka, sales clerk’s favorite book


Tanaka: My favorite book is “Never let me go” written by Kazuo Ishiguro. He was awarded the Nobel prize in literature in 2017, and was a popular topic. It was written in a monotonous and suppressed style without much explains, but as the story goes on, the main character’s sad upbringings and the shocking fact will be revealed. 

It’s written in three parts and well worth reading it, the legible style made me read through steadily.

I chose the black Dress because I thought the massive worldview and the tinted color of the front cover.


Iwahashi, web coordinator’s favorite book


Iwahashi: What I’ve brought today is “The book of tea” by Kakuzo Okakura. It was written in Meiji period to introduce about the world of tea in Japan to the western countries and it was originally published in English at that time. It’s not about the rules or teaching how to make tea, but it is written about introducing how introspective Japanese are, the Zen-like tradition and the sense of beauty through tea (Sadō). It seems a bit difficult but it’s only 95 pages, so it’s easy to read.

I recommend this book for people who want to challenge to an academic writings in the long autumn nights. And for the Dress I chose greige, the chic and tranquil color would match with the book.


Konishi, craftsperson’s favorite book


My favorite book is “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austine. It’s a romantic novel of a aristocracy in the 19th century. I’ve read this when I was a student and became my favorite until now. 

Won’t it be something like an original of a story about “If the first impressions were bad when people first met, but as they see the good places of each other, they will get attracted“, isn’t it?

There’re sometimes when we’re caught by our own stereotype or bias and we can’t see the essence, this novel describes that psychological description, and what impressive is that I couldn’t believe it was written with freshness in the 19th century.

I’ve imagined red as a romance and chose this color. It is long with 606 pages, but women might love this story.


To enjoy your daily life

How did you like it? Did you find any interesting books we’ve brought? 

It’s six times longer than the shortest in which we introduced above (606 pages and 95 pages),  but our book jacket Dress fits to each books. Not only you can keep your books clean when bringing outside, but also it’ll be pleasure as an item to enjoy your hobby.

How about sending as a gift with your recommend book together? Selecting the color that’ll match with the book or that’ll matches with the person you’re giving to. I’m sure they will be pleased with that gift. 

It’s not a practical item compared to wallets or business card cases. It might not be necessities that you “must have”. 

But those items enrich your life, and gives you a chance to enjoy daily life.

For a pleasant and relaxing time for reading.


What we introduced today

Book jacket <Dress>


Note: All the books we introduced are approx. W105*H148 (paper back) and the book jacket fits to this size. We also have two more different sizes, approx. W103*H182 (pocket edition) and approx. W127*H188 (duodecimo).

If you’re considering for purchasing, please let us know which size and the color by email. Thank you!