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A belt is something indispensable for men’s fashion. Formal style for weekdays and casual wears for weekends, it’s widely used ni our daily life.

Leather belt “Brass”

It’s the only belt in our product line-up, leather belt Brass was what we are committed to make this belt from the material to the stitching. Just like the name, the buckle finished by polished brass has a modest presence which plating won’t have. The brass will change its texture overtime with the vegetable tanned leather.


Selecting a belt matches with formal situations
Belt is something you use often, whether which situation you are in. Therefor, there might be some people who are selecting a belt, or not using the proper way without thinking deeply. Today we will introduce some tips that would help you when selecting a belt in formal situation.

Check the stitch and width of the belt

It is said that if the width is less than 3cm, it’s typically used when wearing suits. Also if it’s sewed and the more with a fine stitch, the more it would be an ideal for a formal situation.
Leather belt Brass is 3cm wide and as you can see from the picture above, it has a fine stitch. Its formal impression matches with the situation, e.g. in business or at a wedding ceremony.


Where to pin the buckle

It might not be well known (perhaps in Japan?), there are five holes for a formal belt and wearing the pin of the buckle in the third hole makes you look well balanced.
If you are using belt that is too short or long, you might think,
“I can afford to tighten more” or
“This belt is a little bit short for me, but I can still wear it in the first hole”.
Of course you can physically use it, but I honestly recommend not to wear it in formal occasions as a manner. When buying a belt, you should select which is able to cut and adjust the length. Much better to use a belt that fits perfectly to you, and wear it in the middle hole.

Brass is a belt you can cut and adjust the length. After trying it on, we can cut it and makes it fit you. If you buy it online, we’ll give you a hollow punch for free so that you can adjust by yourself.

Match the color with shoes and bag

Matching the color with your belt and shoes or bags are another good tip to bring a united feeling and a refined impression with these items you often wear in business situations.

Although there are belts with various colors and materials in the market, but our Brass in black and brown won’t stand out too much and keeps harmony with ypur suit stye widely.

For casual styling
For people who often wear suits will use belts as well, should refer to these tips we introduced. And of course it works with semi-formal or cansual styles.

You can plus a refined impression inside casual unceremoniously, and brings a moderate formal feeling to people who don’t wear suits often by their jobs, or for a suit style in summer season.

Brass has some several good points that it won’t miss, and can be used widely with a simple design.

Belts are what you use everyday. That is why we want you to find something you honestly want to use.

It’ll be pleasure if our blog will be your chance to find something you honestly want.


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