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Do you use a mouse pad when using a computer?

Recent mouse have been improved its performance, many people might use without a mouse pad because it works. Still there’re big differences in controllability between with and without a mouse pad. When you consider about how stable you can use a various type of mouse, mouse pad will become a necessary item.

But there are various materials and price range in the market, you might wonder which mouse pad you should select.

Also some people might feel troublesome to replace to a new one because of the skid proof deterioration, when you finally got used to the usability.


Mouse pad “MP 500”

MP500 is one of the few items that you don’t carry outside. You can see a unique aging of the mouse pad.

The time moving a mouse and your hand touching on the surface is much longer than using a wallet or a key case, you can see a fast aging compared to items you carry every day. It’ll be mellow and change its tone more deep and dark as you use. 

MP 500 is an item that makes the most of using leather for a mouse pad in both attraction of the leather and functionality.


Works well with any mouse

The mainstream these days are the optical or laser mouse which detect the light that was reflected, but there’re some characteristics that makes difficult to respond from a material which is too shiny or when it’s completely flat and doesn’t have any roughness at all.

It depends on the office, but some uses a lustrous desk and we see the situation that the mouse doesn’t work right.

It is said that, not only to the optical mouse but to any kinds, are suitable with the material that has micro roughness and less luster. 

The natural texture of MP 500 which is made with vegetable tanned leather has the roughness suited to use the mouse functionally. You can feel the smooth movements of the mouse you use everyday.



The idea not to deteriorate overtime

A mouse pad is generally used as a consumption items because the skid proof deteriorates. If the mouse pad moves around while using a computer, our concentrations will be loosen. 

We wanted to add function and value to a mouse pad which people wants to use long not as consumption. And our answer was to make itself heavy.

This mouse pad weights 500g just like the origin of the name MP500. By using the steel plate as a core to make it heavy, the weight works directly as skid proof. By matching the attraction of leather that change by aging, and another attraction of metal that hardly change by aging, we solve the typical problem of mouse pads.

Slicing a 3.5mm leather into two pieces, put the steel plate between and stitch it together. The rough textured of the backside of leather works as skid proof. We made the most of using the characteristics of leathers.



Having items that enriches your life

There’re not a lot we want for a mouse pad. The fact that we can use the mouse smoothly, and that lasts long.  MP500 is a bit expensive for a mouse pad, but it’s an item that has a stabled smooth usability, and can feel the rich aging that tell the time you’ve spent with it, which you can’t earn from a cheap one.

Also MP500 is selected as a gift many times. Something that can be sumptuous for yourself might be a wonderful gift for someone who are significant others or someone whom helped you a lot. We recommend this special gift that last long, for those who are special for you.


Life with items that people can be attached and use for long, not replacing to a new one when it’s no longer use.  It would be grateful if you would add this MP500 in your enriched life.



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