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Asking our staff which item they are using usually, the series of Munekawa staff’s favorite item. This time we will interview Mori who works as a craftsperson.


Mori, craftsperson

He’s using a bi-fold wallet “Feel Coin2”. You can put plenty of coins, bills and cards very compact in this simple and standard design wallet. Let’s see how he uses in his daily life. 


Bi-fold wallet “Feel Coin2”

What’s the reason for using Feel Coin2?

Mori: Feel Coin2 is actually a standard bi-fold wallet. It’s simple and the size aren’t uncommon. It’s just how you use it, I recommend for people who want to divide in main and sub wallet like me.


How specifically do you use it?

M: As you can see, you can put many cash and cards in Feel Coin2. This is why I’m using, I want to bring coins, bills and card to a certain extent but I always keep this in my bag. Instead, I put my Coin Purse “C&C” which I use as a sub wallet in my pocket so that I can take this out quickly when I need to pay for something.


Coin purse “C&C”

C&C is made for coin purse, but you can also put cards.

M: That’s right. The coin purse and the card case are made together and you can also put bill inside the coin purse, I always put some cash and cards which i use frequently. When there’s not enough cash in C&C, I refill it from Feel Coin2.


But does your main wallet have to be Feel Coin2?

M: Of course, there are wallets that can contain more, but I prefer the bi-fold wallet.

You can put a lot but compact, it won’t pop out like a long wallet when you put in your back pocket. And in winter when you’re wearing a jacket, you can also easily put in the pocket.

It can be put either inside your bags, pants and jackets, I like the easiness of the bi-fold wallet which you can use flexibly in any occasion.


I see. Although separating wallets in main and sub aren’t common, it looks convenient.

M: In fact you can complete everything with this, but you can find s different way of using by having two different items together purposely.


Are there anything you’re particular with from the viewpoint of creating?

M: The biggest disadvantage when using a bi-fold wallet is, it could easily get bulky because of the capacity. We make the Feel Coin2 not to be bulky with the exquisite thickness.

Now I put five bills, fifteen coins and thirteen cards inside. We designed to be the possible thinness not to be bulky, but have enough durability at the same time. It is the difficult part but all the more it would be the attraction of this wallet.

And this is what we do to all the other products, we do triple stitching where there could be load in using. We think the structure needs to be made firmly for enjoying the aging of the leather.


Anything else you’d like to share with us?

M: As I said before, Feel Coin2 is a bi-fold wallet therefore we honestly recommend to any people. I’ve used this for a year, I actually feel how useful this is everyday. Its design is simple and standard but there is a reason to be a standard design. It’s manufactured steady common in all Munekawa products, I’m sure you can use for long.

Separating your wallet in main and sub like me can be useful in matching with your lifestyle, not putting all the things in one just because it’s a bi-fold wallet.


(Interviewer: Iwahashi WEB coordinator staff)



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