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It’s getting much colder than before and people outside are wearing their coats and scarves on. It is truly cold but on the other hand, you can enjoy fashion in winter clothes.

Full leather shoulder pouch Accept

Why not match this leather shoulder pouch Accept with your winter fashion?
By the natural taste of dying and a slight luster of this leather naturally suits your winter clothes. When you wear more when it’s cold, it tends to look heavy but the lightness which this bag has, shows casual and refined impression.

It’s definitely not big, but still, plenty of space to put what you usually bring.

Simple design makes it easy to use in each fashion and stature
When you’re looking for a bag (especially a shoulder bag) and you found one, but when you actually see it, the size wasn’t the one you expected although you liked the design. Does anyone have this kind of experience?
It’s difficult to select a bag that really fits you, not just the design but when you need to think about your stature or your everyday carries.

Female, 166cm (5.44ft, 65.3in)

There’re six holes in the shoulder strap, and you can adjust between 108cm to 126cm so you can find your best length to use. In this picture, the strap is pinned in the third hole where the center comes. Also, a tall man can use with this length.

The simple design you can use either with casual, or a bit formal fashion and occasion. If you are a person who usually wears on your shoulder, try it with a long coat that gives you a sharp impression.

Female, 154cm (5.05ft, 60.6in)

In the picture above, the strap length is pinned in the shortest.
We kept in mind to make it usable regardless in any height, the superb point of “not too long, not too short” and “not too big, not too small”.

It would be more casual if you sling diagonally on your shoulder. You can enjoy your own way of using it in a daily fashion.

Timeless design never goes out of style

This shoulder bag Accept was made “to be loved anytime”, through the quick changes of fashion items. I hope you can feel somewhere nostalgic but fadeless design and usability.

Have you decided a gift for Christmas yet? Why not present this for your precious person. I’m sure Accept will be a comfortable item for them.


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