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This is a series of interviewing our craftspeople which item they are actually using and ask about what they care when making it. And let’s ask for some good ways to use.

The third interview of this series, we interviewed craftswoman, Konishi about her favorite item from Munekawa.


Card case <Tuck>

It’s our brand-new product which came this year, already a popular item with three separated pockets. These pockets can be used functionally, as a card case, pass holder, business name card case and so on. She referred about this item from the standpoint of a craftswoman.


-How long have you been using <Tuck>?

About three months. I’m using the one I’ve made.


-It seems very clean despite the time.

I usually put in my tote bag, so it hasn’t been aging that much but thinking about applying oil for the first time. 

This is the first time using a green leather item. The green leather has unique characters in aging depending on the people who use, I can’t wait how mine will change.


-How do you usually use it?

In the main pocket, I put my prepaid transportation card, a loyalty card of the shop I often go after work, and only five business cards for a sudden occasion of exchanging. I have another card case but I select the cards I use frequently and put it in <Tuck>.

In the back card slot, I put another loyalty card which I use frequently. This card slot is made to take out the card easily since the card protrudes about 1.5cm. It would be just right for the card you take out often.

In the front card slot, I put 1000JPY bill because sometimes I need some cash unexpectedly. I would just carry this when commuting or going out for a short time. It is actually small but has plenty of space to put in, you can use it widely on many occasions.


-Is there anything you’re careful when making it?

The attractions of <Tuck> is the size and the functionality. One of the features is that the cards you put in won’t fall out but you can take it out easily. To make the size superbly, we need to be careful where the stitches come. Otherwise, it would be tight to take out the cards or would be loose that the cards drop off.

Also by the structure, the leathers overlap each other so we skive the leather not to get thick when finishing. This is another point we are careful about. It would be hard to use if it’s too thick and would be less strong if it’s too thin.


-Finally, who do you want to recommend this <Tuck>?

I would recommend this either for men and women, regardless of what job they’re doing. As I said before, I put my IC card and loyalty cards I often use. To me <Tuck> is my secondary wallet. Generally speaking, commuting doesn’t only mean going and coming back between your home and office or school. There might be sometimes going to a cafe or a bookstore on the way. It can be helpful in those situations.

What types of cards people uses are diversified, but <Tuck> can be flexibly used by anyone.


What we introduced today

Caed case <Tuck>