New item, frame coin purse 2018.12.29 |  English  | 

A new item is here in Munekawa’s product lineups.

The frame coin purse with a nostalgic design.

The sizes are 60mm*92mm, its small size fits in women’s hand comfortably.

The metal frame part is a bit different from the others. It is designed to be slim, the closure point is hidden inside the purse.

The colors are black, brown, blue and yellow. By using an embossed leather, it prevents from getting scratched. And it won’t change much by aging so you can enjoy its brightly colored design as one of fashion items.

Coin purses tend to be popular among men but with a frame closure which is rather feminine, it’ll fit widely in any fashion for men and women. We have been selling it at our store and an event at a department store, thankfully there’re already some fans of this item.


What we introduced today

Frame coin purse


About business hours  

Munekawa retail store will be open until 30th December 2018 and will be re-opened on 5th January 2019.

Orders from our website sales and ETSY, the shipment will restart from 6th January or later.

We’d like to appreciate for everything in this year, and we all hope everyone can start a wonderful new year.

Thank you very much.