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14th Jan is the holiday of a coming of age ceremony in Japan, which is to congratulate and encourage all those who became 20 years old over the past year.

Every teenager will become an adult someday and many people celebrate the new beginnings in their life. It might be their first job or perhaps further education. For someone who spent their time watching closely a youth becoming an adult, some people might be thinking of sending a gift to them.

An item we’d recommend for a memorable gift is the leather belt  Brass. We think it’s good to choose a gift which is made to last and can feel its texture advanced, just like the youth changing to an adult. There will be a lot of occasions to go out with formal clothes than before. 


Its standard shape and the color goes with any types of trousers or slacks, of course, can be used with formal and casual wear.

It is a common and familiar design, we’re all the more particular with details and materials.

We use leathers instead of synthetic materials for the internal, which makes the belt not too stiff but moderately soft from the beginning. We’re sure you can feel how comfortable it is.

We use brass for the buckles so that you can feel how this metal develops as well as the leather, what you can’t see from metal plating.

By stitching and polishing the edge carefully, it shows elegance which won’t be affected by either formal or casual.

What we think important is, to make the details carefully. This is what we’re particular about to bring high qualities and elegance to our products. And after all, it leads the people to use the item for long.

Leather belt  Brass is an item that the texture changes deeply, which you can notice how long you’ve been using.

We hope it would be an item when you look back the time, you can feel how you’ve developed yourself.



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Leather belt  Brass