How zipped wallet Cram is created 2019.01.23 |  English  | 

Minimum and practical zipped wallet


Zip wallet Cram is our latest arrivals we released last year, a compact wallet to put cards, coins and bills.

The word “cashless” has been known widely nowadays, but still, there’re some occasions where you need to use cash. We’ve been receiving good reviews about this, by fulfilling the requests of having a minimum required cash and cards in a small wallet.



At the Munekawa Atelier, the production of Zip wallet Cram is in progress. Each craftsperson works to make plural products by cooperating. Considering the quality of materials, stitching and cutting are important, but being conscious of efficient and speed is important as well.


God is in details


Adjusting the thickness slightly and careful works are necessary to make the compact size while ensuring enough capacity.

The craftsperson are conscious and careful when working on the stitching machine or when scraping the edge because they can’t redo.


Details that affects to the quality


The picture above is describing the twist (we call it “nen”) that makes a line on the card slot. It won’t affect to the function but sharpen the whole impression. We value on these unremarkable process, which are small details but leads to affection of the item.



We think that one of the attraction of leather is, the texture changes gradually over a long period and become your favorite. We envisage the people who would use, and make each of our items conscientiously.