Production of Airy Tote, Refreshing bag in a Humid day

  One day at the atelier.

  The production of Munekawa’s tote bag ‘Airy Tote’ is progressing steadily. 

Canvas and leather tote bag ‘Airy Tote’

  When there’s a heavy rainfall or a sudden shower in this hot and humid in this season, don’t you think you might want to pack your stuff compact in one bag?

   Breathable and lightness of the canvas and the cool tones. Using a high quality leather which makes the bag classy, you can use this bag through the year but useful especially from the rainy season to midsummer.

  Some of the customers buy several times to use separately depending on how they will use in their lifestyle. 

  We make the body and the handle apart with 2 different materials, and at the last process, we attach the both pieces together.

  The craft peoples who makes the canvas part and the leather part are different and they’re doing their work separately with responsibility and teamwork.

  By the way, we also make a tote bag only by leather. The design and the size are the same with Airy Tote. We had an order to make one of this bag in brown. There’s a sample of this bag in the retail store, if you would like to see how it looks like, feel free to visit us.

  Also we made another Airy Tote with different color as a trial. We’ve posted in Instagram, if you have a chance to see it, please give us a like!