Enjoy aging the Leather

Summer is all about this, ice cream.

  This is from “PONY PONY HUNGRY”. They’re specialty for baked sweets but also serves very nice ice cream. Their shop is near from us, we always enjoy their sweets. As it gets hotter day by day, we’re excited to see the town getting ready for the summer.


  And today’s blog is about “aging the leather”.

  The biggest thing about leathers are, there’re nothing completely the same. And you can feel the change. Munekawa’s products are made to feel the charms by making the design minimum and functionality. 

  Each pieces of leathers are different as well as the difference each animals in the same species has. How big the bodies are, how muscles are built. Blood vessels and traces of wrinkles. Every leathers are tanned from each animal skins which have many characteristics.


  We use vegetable tanned leather (which is organic) for our products, this is why you can feel and enjoy the aging of leathers. Sun tan, scratches, every load which occurs by daily using will describe how the time has passed from its texture.

  The texture will change every moment, the wallets and card cases will not be just an item but a special one with deep attachment. 

  At our website we post some pictures of our customer’s Munekawa items with their cooperation on “Users Snap” page. You can see how the items would change by aging.

  Even if it’s the same product, you can feel the difference between each other. We are planning to post these user’s photo little by little, we hope it would help you with the images.


From here you can see the “User’s Snap”, and see how the items would change.