Simple, nothing to get bored with

  At the atelier of Munekawa, production of the thin pass case “Slice” was on progress.

Pass case “Slice”

  We kept the thickness up to 2 mm to make it very thin, just like the name.

  You can use just for a pass case, and it fits well in a purse so you can also use as a removable card pocket with your purse.

  Let’s have a look inside the production. A strange cut shaped of a diamond. This part will be the cut on the bottom when we attach both sides together.

  You can take out your cards with one hand by pushing with your little finger from this cut.

  Pursuing the thinness and functionality with elegance at the same time comes from natural texture by tanning with  vegetable tan. When you keep aging the leather item, you can feel a unique change of color and get polished on the leather.

  And not only the texture but also at the scene of producing, we consider about the detail to direct classy. Our brand iron is one of them. We put the seal one by one very carefully.

  We polish the round edge with a cotton, even how thin the products are, to make it smooth touching. We are very particular about these process. 

  Not too flamboyant, but not flashy. Simple but full with functionality. We think these items will become something that won’t get bored with.

  It might be difficult to keep actualizing but we will make efforts in making the products.